Frequently Asked Questions

How many books are going to be in the Inthya series?
At this point, I am planning for six. But it’s a big world, and I could potentially write more.

Or I might get hit by a truck tomorrow, in which case you’ll only get three. 

When is the next book coming out?
Book 3, The Queen of Rhodia, should be out in May 2019. 

Are Adale and Esofi ever coming back?
Yes, they’ll be in book 3!

Are Orsina and Aelia ever coming back?
They’re in book 3 too!!!!

Why is the paperback for The Queen of Ieflaria long and skinny, while the paperback for Daughter of the Sun is short and fat?
My publisher switched to a smaller trim size about a week after TQOI was released. I am pushing for a resized reprint of TQOI that will match all the other books in the series.

Are you going to write books that aren’t about Inthya?
Probably, at some point! But I don’t have anything in the works right now.