Frequently Asked Questions

How many books are going to be in the Inthya series?
At this point, I am planning for six. But it’s a big world, and I could potentially write more.

Can I get emailed when the next book comes out?
You can get yourself added to my mailing list by checking out the subscribe page. I’ll only email you about new book releases, not free short stories or blog posts or whatever else is happening in my life.

Why are all your character and place names so weird?
Because I’m a dumbass.

Why is the paperback for The Queen of Ieflaria long and skinny, while the paperback for other books are short and fat?
My publisher switched to a smaller trim size about a week after TQOI was released. There has been a reprint that’s resized to match with the rest of the series. The best way to tell is by checking the ISBN. The new edition’s ISBN is 9781951057220, and it is listed here on Amazon. The old edition’s ISBN is 9781948608138 and is listed here on Amazon.

What’s going on with the elves?
We’ll get there soon!

Are you going to write books that aren’t about Inthya?
Probably, at some point! But I don’t have anything in the works right now.

How else can I support you?
You can subscribe to me on patreon. If you do that, you’ll get a short story centered around one of Inthya’s gods on the 1st of each month. 

How do I contact you?
You can get me on my social media (though I tend to take long breaks from it) or send me an email. Emails are better for a guaranteed response, especially if you have detailed questions or comments. 

But before you send me anything, I just ask you remember that you’re a random stranger on the internet. You might feel like you know me, but I don’t know you. Please, please don’t be creepy or sexual, or ask invasive questions about my life, or try to get my attention by saying rude things about me or my work. As of right now, I’ve made it a policy that I will no longer be acknowledging messages that aren’t kind or respectful.

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