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A Guide to the Minor Gods of Inthya

Major and Minor Gods
There are countless gods in Asterium, too many to ever fully document. This is a small sampling of some of the most prominent ones, and should not be thought of as even remotely comprehensive.

NARA, Goddess of the Sky, is Eleventh of the Ten in Thiyra. It is said that she wrapped the sky around the world once the Ten had finished their work. She is also credited with the invention of the stars, so that people may always find their way home.

Nara is the patron of falconers, messengers, and explorers. The most famous blessing she grants is the gift of flight. Those blessed in this way will be born as ordinary humans and develop wings as they grow older. Many of these people become couriers, prestigious and expensive messengers who travel across continents.

Nara is a joyful goddess who values freedom and discovery. Her plane in Asterium is called Aletha, and it is said to be an endless sky filled with floating islands.


CYNE, God of Animals, is Eleventh of the Ten in Ioshora. Kindhearted and unconditionally loving, Cyne teaches that animals are deserving of mankind’s respect and gratitude. He mandates that even those which are killed for their meat must not be allowed to suffer. Some of his most devoted followers abstain from eating meat altogether.

Cyne is the patron of all those professions that work directly with animals, whether they be shepherds, breeders, or trainers. His blessing is subtle and difficult to identify, but those who have it will find that animals frequently gravitate to them and are easy to communicate with.

Cyne’s plane, Ferra, is said to be home to Inthya’s deceased animals, as well as those who loved and cared for them. Many stories feature him delivering a childhood pet into another plane to be reunited with their recently deceased owner.


AVALA, Goddess of Winter, is Eleventh of the Ten in Siabaeld. She is frequently compared to Talcia due to her quiet and independent nature. She is associated with hardship and survival, but also beauty, peace, and symbolic rebirth.

Avala is the patron of those who live in icy climates. Her blessing grants a resistance to harsh weather conditions. A rare few are granted the ability to freeze and unfreeze water, though they cannot control the weather itself. Legends tell of her appearing during snowstorms to guide lost travelers to safety.

Her plane, Vitrea, is a beautiful crystalline wilderness.


ZENEEN, Goddess of the Desert, is Eleventh of the Ten in Aquiim. Radiant and clever, she teaches that people must work together to survive. She is frequently depicted with a pair of feathered wings, similar to Nara, though hers are those of a desert hawk.

Zeneen is the patron of those who live in and around desert climates. The majority of Aquiim’s inhabitants do not live within the desert, but still venerate her due to her association with sunlight, fire, and life itself. The most common blessings she grants are a resistance to heat, as well as the ability to draw water from the sand or air. Zeneen is also thought to prevent the desert from expanding further into habitable areas. In some nations, particularly in areas far removed from the desert, she is thought of as the goddess of light or the goddess of fire.

Her plane, [NAME], is a beautiful oasis at the heart of an enormous desert.


RIDON, God of Art, is Eleventh of the Ten in Anora. Regal and composed, he teaches that skill must be honed through constant practice. He has little patience for those who would make excuses for their shortcomings, and holds his followers to a rigorously high standard. However, he is not cruel or malicious, and only wishes for artists to reach their full potential.

The blessings that Ridon grants can be difficult to differentiate from inborn talent, as they do not manifest in palpable ways.

Ridon’s plane, [NAME], is [DEFINITELY SOMETHING.]

Other Minor Gods
RIKILDA, Goddess of Alchemy, is a minor goddess worshiped in many parts of the world. Shadowy and enigmatic, her followers are sometimes accused of dark practices, including the use of poisons. However, she is generally not classified as a chaos goddess. Rikilda encourages her followers to ask questions about the world around them, and experiment freely. In some places, she is thought to be a younger sister to Adalia.

Rikilda is the patron of alchemists, and her priestesses have been known to create potions that traditional healers deem unsafe or unnecessary. Though they do not openly flout local laws, it is generally understood that Rikilda’s priestesses are the ones to turn to when all other methods fail.

Rikilda’s plane, Narchis, exists in eternal twilight. It is a garden filled with powerful herbs and flowers, bordered by meadows and forests that contain more of the same.


ADALIA, Goddess of Healing, is a minor goddess worshiped primarily in Thiyra, though her name is known elsewhere.

Adalia is the patron of healers in nations where Adranus is not strongly associated with the art. However, her worship is spreading, and sometimes she is worshiped alongside him. In nations where Adranus’ healing is understood to be celestial in nature, Adalia’s healing is practical and usually based in herbalism. 

Adalia’s plane, Veita, is very similar to Rikilda’s plane of Narchis. However, it exists in daylight, and the plants found within are used exclusively for healing.


GESTE, God of Music, is a Mer god who was later adopted by the races of Men. Some Mer consider him to be a son of Merla, though most deny that she has any direct offspring. Art and iconography generally depict him as a Mer, but he can be seen as a Man as well. 

Geste is worshiped throughout the world, but most of his temples are located along shorelines. Unlike the temple of Merla, Mer are more inclined to associate with Geste’s temple. Some have become quite wealthy serving as musical instructors to Men. Like Ridon, the blessings he grants can be difficult to identify due to the subjective nature of his domain. Like Merla, he tends to favor the Mer over the other mortal races. 

His plane, [NAME], is a calm seaside where Men and Mer live in harmony.


ETHI, God of Wisdom, is worshiped throughout the world. Their followers frequently double as librarians, scholars, or tutors and their temples usually serve as libraries. Ethi is a calm and patient god who values peace and orderliness. 

Ethi’s blessings can be difficult to identify, but most of those called to the priesthood have a strong intellectual curiosity and a love of pursuing knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Ethi’s priests also focus their efforts on preserving old texts, and rediscovering lost work.  

Their plane, [NAME], is an enormous library surrounded by summer gardens. 


ISAN, God of Charity, is an extremely powerful god in Aquiim, particularly in Masim. They maintain that selflessness is the most important virtue a person can attain. Beloved by their people, their worship is slowly beginning to spread to other continents as well. 

Isan is a hospitable, protective god who watches over their worshipers. It is said they will go out of their way to protect devout followers from harm. Their priests have been extremely successful in pressuring the nobility to allocate resources towards causes that benefit vulnerable members of society. 

Their plane, [NAME], is a warm southern city where all are equal and free.

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