Book 5 Release, New Patreon-Exclusive Novel, Etc

Okay, a few quick updates in no particular order!

Tales of Inthya #5, Daughter of the Moon, was released last winter. So if you haven’t checked that out yet, maybe take a look? I’m told it’s pretty good!

I’ve decided to step away from ko-fi and go patreon exclusive. I’ve got nothing against ko-fi, it’s a great site, it was just getting annoying to update every month on two different sites. The reason I went with patreon was that most readers seemed to be most comfortable/familiar with it and ko-fi required a monthly fee to use the subscription service. Also ko-fi wasn’t really designed for posting long blocks of text, it seems more for artists. So that’s what’s happening there! If you haven’t checked out my patreon yet, you can find it at

Which leads me to my next announcement: I’m releasing a book in serial format on patreon! Cursed is an f/f fantasy novel about two princesses who are accidentally betrothed to one another due to a translation error. On its face, it has some similarities to TQOI, but once the plot picks up I think you’ll see how different it is. The first chapter is free to read so you can decide ahead of time if you want to subscribe or not. At this time, I don’t know if I’m going to eventually publish it outside of patreon or what. This is my first time posting a serial novel so I’m still figuring everything out and deciding what to do.

The last bit of news is I have the files for the Empress of Xytae audiobook, so once I approve that it should be out soon!

As always, thank you to everyone for being so supportive!

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