Patreon Update and Spanish Translation

Hi guys! Two updates! So I mentioned previously that I’ve started releasing exclusive short stories on Ko-fi. That’s still going on, with a new short story on the 1st of every month. I’ve also started offering the same on Patreon, since people have indicated to me that they’re more familiar/comfortable with it. My patreon link is

At this time, there’s three tiers of membership on Patreon. Bronze tier is $3, exactly like ko-fi, and gets you the same stuff, which is primarily the Gods of Inthya short stories. Since people actually are purchasing the higher tiers, I’ve also added new rewards for those. Right now, Silver subscribers get exclusive Behind the Scenes blog posts which I hope to release once a week or so, and Gold subscribers are going to be sent digital copies of my next book on the Friday before it is released.

I do want to add more things to the reward tiers as we go on, so keep an eye on that if you’d like to support me! 🙂 Thank you so much!

Also, the Spanish version of The Queen of Ieflaria will be out on July 27th! La Reina de Ieflaria will be up for sale in all the same places as the English version! So if you’ve been waiting on that, I’m thrilled to say it’s nearly here!

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