TQOI New Edition and OutWrite 2019

I’m happy to announce that I will be attending OutWrite 2019 on August 3, 2019 as a vendor, where I’ll have a table full of books and some cute pride bookmarks. If you’d like more information about OutWrite, you can check out their website right here. There’s no entrance fee or anything. I hope if you’re in the DC area, you can come visit me!

Some of you guys noticed that the paperback for TQOI was a different size from the rest of the series. This is because my publisher switched to a smaller trim size about a week after TQOI was published. We now finally have an edition of TQOI that matches the rest of the series. It has a new ISBN, but other than that it’s identical to the first edition. The best way to tell what version you’re buying is to check the ISBN. The new edition’s ISBN is 9781951057220, and it is listed here on Amazon. The old edition’s ISBN is 9781948608138 and is listed here on Amazon. Like I said, the content is 100% identical to the previous edition, and the only difference is how it will look on your bookshelves.

For those fans who have been asking for autographed books, I now have those for sale as well on Etsy. I’ll also be selling any of my leftover bookmarks on there after OutWrite (seriously they’re so pretty). I’m sorry that I don’t offer international shipping yet–I’ve yet to figure out a way to offer it that doesn’t reveal my home address to the world.

Book 4, The Empress of Xytae, is still scheduled for a December 2019 release date. I will reveal the exact day as we get closer. You can add it on Goodreads here, or sign up for my mailing list to get an email the day it’s released right here.

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