Book 2 Release and Free Short Story!

Hey guys! If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw that the second book in the Inthya series, Daughter of the Sun, was released on Monday. I just want to offer a huge thank you to everyone who has already read and reviewed! Reviews are so important to me, and they’re not just for my ego! Reviewing on sites like Amazon helps me reach a wider audience, which means I earn more money, which means I can spend more time writing and less time playing the violin on a street-corner.

Anyway, I redesigned my website, and if you have visited in the past, you’ll notice there’s a new page called “Bonus Content.” This is where I am going to begin putting short stories and potentially other content, like essays about how Inthya works and its history, as well as a description of the pantheon and some of the major players. Everything under Bonus Content is going to be 100% free to read. I’ve kicked it off with a short story called Ioanna. It does contain minor spoilers for Daughter of the Sun, so I encourage you not to read it unless you’ve already finished the book! I also would like to hear feedback on the layout; if it’s easily readable or I need to fiddle with it to make it easier on the eyes.

I hope to make this a regular feature on my website. None of the bonus content will be mandatory for your enjoyment or understanding of the books, it’s just a nice little extra thing I think you might like. I’m already working on a winter-themed story about Adale and Esofi, so hopefully I will have that up sometime in December. And if there’s anything else you’d like to see from me, do let me know in the comments! I love to hear from you guys!

Last thing: Book 3 in the Inthya series, The Queen of Rhodia, is scheduled for a May 2019 release date. I’ll be talking a little more about that in future blog posts, so hold tight for that!

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