The Future of the Series

I know that I personally always like to know what authors are planning on doing when it comes to a series, so I thought I’d share my internal brain workings with you guys.

At this point in time, I have outlines for three more novels in the Inthya series. Now, Inthya is a pretty big world, so don’t run away from this post yelling “the series is gonna have four books total and then it’s done!!!!” That’s just all I have outlined so far. The total series count depends on a couple things: how popular the series is, what kinds of things fans express interest in seeing, and what sort of ideas I get in my brain. I hate being constrained by labels like “trilogy” or “quartet” or…what’s the word for a series of five? Quintology? If I wind up writing five, please promise you won’t call it a quintology. Okay, Google says it’s actually a pentology. You know what, I think I did know that already but I forgot because I see it so infrequently.

Going in, I knew I wanted every Inthya book to stand alone. That is, you’ll be able to pick up Book 2 even if you haven’t read Book 1. Each book is going to revolve around a new couple, though you might notice an overarching plotline that they all contribute to.

For those of you who are currently panicking because we’ll never see Adale and Esofi again: Don’t! They’re in book 3, I promise. They’re a little older, and a little more mature, but it’s still them! For those of you who are absolutely desperate to read from their POVs again, I am considering writing another novel centering around what happens when Esofi’s mother learns about her new grandson. But this would happen either at the end of the series, or on Patreon. It’s up in the air, is what I’m saying.

Here’s where things stand right now. Book two in the series, Daughter of the Sun, is only a few thousand words away from completion. Once I’ve revised it once or twice, it’s going to go to my beta readers, and then my editor. We are hoping for a November 2018 release date, but I can’t guarantee anything.

After that, I’m going to actually take a step away from Inthya to work on a completely unrelated middle grade fantasy. It’s actually more than halfway done, but I put it on pause to work on TQoI. Once that’s finished, I’m going to write Book 3 in the Inthya series, and hopefully have it nearly complete by the time DotS is set to come out.

So that’s more or less what I hope my 2018 will look like. I hope someone found this helpful!

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