Effie Calvin

100% Genuine Earth Human

Effie is definitely a human being with all her own skin, and not a robot. She writes science fiction and fantasy novels and lives with her cat in the Philadelphia area.

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New Release Notes

So I’m gonna get a little bit personal here for a moment, hope you don’t mind, and talk about what happens in my brain as we approach a new release.

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Book 3 Preorder Links

Hey guys! I’m thrilled to let you all know that book 3 is now ready for preorder! As always, I’ve got the Master Purchase List on my website. There are

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TQOI Audiobook

So if you follow me on social media, you may have seen me mention that an audiobook version of TQOI was in production. Well, it’s finally available for purchase! If

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Another New Short Story!

This is just a quick update mostly for the people who are following my blog on Goodreads or Amazon. I’ve posted a new free short story on my website. It’s

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2018 Retrospective

I can’t believe TQOI was released less than a year ago. It feels like I’ve lived a lifetime since then. Rereading some of my old blog posts, I’m pretty amused at

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